Lind Studio

phone 1.812.948.2532


Available for public,private and corporate commissions. Many designs are available or cast to order.


David Lind has been expressing his artistic talents for over thirty five years in a diversity of mediums and subjects. The language of sculpture, because of its' "three dimensional quality",has become his main focus.


The home studio is located on twenty six acres of rolling hills in the "Ohio Valley" of Kentuckiana. A visit to Frank Lloyd Wrights' Taliesin inspired this site specific design.


Linds' extensive experience in the "lost wax" casting process spans over twenty years. He now works with Botegga Foundry in Laconia,IN.


The "dirty work", (assembly,chasing and finishing castings) is done in the spacious on site studio.


"Joy" 5"high. Most designs are developed by "pinching" a wax medium into minatures which are cast into bronze, making them available for collecting.


Here "Joy" has been enlarged to 4'high allowing Lind to enhance subtle details. Capturing the human figure in graceful motion is a challenge of particular interest to David.