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SCULPTURE is a universal language that communicates through barriers the spoken word cannot encompass. It speaks to emotions that are as unique as every human being. To be moved through ones' heart is to realize what we inately know...all things in this life are connected... inspiration is the Gift.


The graceful frolics of "Dolphin" remind us of whose domain the sea is! 5' long


Turner Family Memorial. Scottsville,Kentucky


Considered one of the most recognizable people worldwide. KFC collection


"Jesus Dancing with Children" Family gift to Grace Lutheran Church,New Albany,IN. Tributes to loved ones are often placed in public spaces,sharing ones' heart in perpetuity.


Most famous man to the artist. Edwin H. Lind


Sculpture as memorial offers the opportunity to create a very special place in time. "Jenifer" was inspired by a poem her family chose.


6.5'Angel. Feature piece in Calvary Cemetery,Louisville,KY. It's been said that her expression is comforting through knowing.