Lind Studio

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"Boobie" This dance of life is a mating ritual...the kind of thing you see on the dance floor!

The utilization of sculpture to cultivate community has been present through out history. Each individuals' appreciation of this human endeavor becomes part of a unique culture...we are the culture we create. To honestly be proud of ones' culture is a healthy place to feel...


"Dava", mommas' perpetual little girl in the garden. Dava's still cute, but she doesn't look like this anymore!


"Patience" is a virtue that consistantly needs tending to. Riding a snail when you can fly is to take a breather!


"Shedragon" is seen in moments of exuberance...somewhat like the dance floor...or moments of exalted imagination! 4' wide.


Relationships with each other and everything in this dance of life is a "Delicate Ballance". To treat it with respect is the ballance...everything is relative...chances are you'll need someone you've shown your butt to!